For us, the bold, the beautiful, the angry, the wallflowers, the main attractions, the sleepless, the lazy, the dreamers, the doubters, the feelers, the healers.

Us, who breathe, belong and believe.





You've heard it. It's that voice inside us. It knocks at you, every now and then. Sometimes in the early mornings, sometimes in the latest of nights. People like us, we know that voice. We know what it wants and we know where it wants to lead. We lose it to the many distractions and sounds of life or steer clear of it, out of fear.

Monochrome Co. is a medium, born out of that voice. It is our medium, for people like us. For people like you. People who understand life's contradictions and who crave expression. Who understand the struggle of wanting to stand out and trying to fit in. For people who appreciate truth and clarity. Who see the art in the simple and the heart in the details.

Monochrome Co. is an attempt at something new, to be something bold.



Now: Bold, Minimal and New 
These three words drive us today, words we imbibe in all our products and actions, but as we grow we aim to add two more words to those three. 
Near Future: Bold, Minimal, New, Vast and Sustainable
We have just taken are first steps as a medium and so the economics of sustainbilty is not in our favour today but we believe as we deliver, gain and grow tomorrow we'll reach the required scale to give back more than we take.