About Us

Monochrome is art that limits itself to one colour and it's many shades. Monochrome Co. takes inspiration from this, finding freedom in all the shades of grey and between the boundaries of black and white.

Monochrome Co. is our small step towards reducing noise and finding clarity. Our aim is to use as little as possible to show and say as much as we can.

This is our medium to express and visualise the world we see and want to see. To create designs and ideas that are understood, appreciated and even criticized. To be just a little different, a little new, a little less and a little bold. To be a little true. And through all this, we hope to be a voice that resonates with you. 

In some moments and for some causes we hope to be an aide. We'll be by your side and stand with you, for our shared beliefs. We will always speak without creating chaos, share, show and with our actions, inspire.

Lofty goals we know, but then what's the point in not going big? We're already home.

Bold and simple, minimal and monochrome.

Come talk to us at we@monochrome.co.in or @mnchrm_co, we'll be waiting.